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The 8 Basic Principles of Attachment Parenting

BEYOND THE SLING author Mayim Bialik shares the 8 basic principles of attachment parenting:

1. Birth: Prepare for birth and become educated about natural birth options and their benefits for baby and mother.

2. Breastfeeding/breast milk: A human mother’s milk is the optimal food for human babies, and bottle feeding should mimic as many aspects of breastfeeding as possible.

3. Be sensitive: Respond sensitively to your children.

4. Bonding through touch: Use physical contact such as baby wearing, breastfeeding, and massage to convey tenderness, love, and affection.

5. Bedding: Parent your children at night as well as in the day, looking to safe co‑sleeping as an option.

6. Be there: Ensure consistent parenting by a primary caregiver or a trained and sensitive substitute.

7. Be gentle: Use positive discipline, forgoing corporal punishment.

8. Balance: Balance your needs with those of your child.

Read more on the basics of attachment parenting here.

BEYOND THE SLING author Mayim Bialik answers the top 5 FAQ’s about attachment parenting.

BEYOND THE SLING author Mayim Bialik’s myths and truths about co-sleeping.

Mayim Bialik, author of the new BEYOND THE SLING, talks “with Tanya Lieberman about the intersection of her life as a scientist and as a mother, how breastfeeding figured into her parenting experience, why attachment parenting appeals to a broad spectrum of faiths, why her husband initially thought that elimination communication was a ridiculous idea, and how she straddles the worlds of Hollywood and parenting.”

Podcast from Mother Love Blog.

Beyond the Sling author Mayim Bialik gives an interview for Old School/New School Mom and explains her style of parenting while giving new advice.

Beyond the Sling author Mayim Bialik explores L.A. grub and veganizes her meals.

Everyone knows Mayim Bialik from either Blossom or The Big Bang Theory. Fewer people know that this L.A. native also holds a Ph.D. in neuroscience, has two youngsters, and is currently touring the country behind her new parenting book, Beyond the Sling. Bialik holds down a vegan kosher household, and while it adds an “extra level of vigilance” to her diet, she relaxes a bit when it comes to dining out. “I don’t only eat at kosher or vegan restaurants,” she says. “I like to visit vegan restaurants to show my support, but I eat everywhere.” That includes “veganizing” Gordon Ramsay at the London in New York, finding decent Thai food in every city she lands in, and indulging in the occasional square(s) of dark chocolate. Read more of her article from Grub Street Los Angeles here.

"Gentle Discipline is not permissive parenting. It means parenting without violence, relying instead on respectful communication and seeking to see your child not as someone lesser or weaker than you who you can and should control, but rather as a partner in your life and a source of potential joy and loving interaction.”

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