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Touchstone Books, founded in 1970, is an adult imprint of Simon & Schuster. We publish a blend of bestselling and award-winning fiction & non-fiction titles. Visit our site to learn more about our books and the team!


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Possibly the cutest thing ever.

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Get ready…Grammy Award–winning Rick Springfield is signing books on Sunday at Cedar Hills! 


Exciting stuff/prizes/treasures getting announced this week if you’ve pre-ordered my book, Grace’s Guide! Do it now! RIGHT HERE! But you also don’t have to if you don’t want to/it makes you anxious/you subscribe to a religion that’s against books and fun.



Found the most beautiful bookstore today

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Bernie Su reveals the sequel to The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet will be from Lydia’s perspective, set for a Summer 2015 release!


Read about it in Bernie Su’s Reddit AMA

Read about it on Hypable


Afternoon break (by Lorenzo Basile Photography)

Catticus Finch for the win!

Love the knick-knacks!


Grace’s Guide bookmarks!


Because my library is just that awesome.


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It is 100% gorgeous outside today! Go out, be free! #midtown #nyc #rockefeller

Thine face is not worth sun-burning, thou frothy, three-inch hugger-mugger!

This is delightful!

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